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Bubbles is a fun game that offers you three different modes of competition: against friends, against other people you match with by computer, and against the computer (the only one you'll ever play). Now that the contenders are identified, the world's shortest puzzle has been set! Bubbles provides tips throughout the game for how to improve the user's score. So hop on and experience the excitement of solving puzzles that will all, eventually, lead to victory! Bye, Bye Burp is a small freeware utility to erase temporary Internet folders. Temporary Internet folders store files and data from connections to Internet sites. So, if someone sends you files with attached e-mails, you won't be able to open them. This utility removes these Internet temporary folders, allowing you to open attached files. To use Bye, Bye Burp, simply double-click it, and then close the program when prompted. Nonetheless, the program will still require that you save your configuration, as it will modify the properties of the IE icon in the system tray. That's it. You're done! Competent Disk Master is a small freeware utility to find hidden files and start-up entries on the hard disk. The program filters your system for the existence of various well-known share entries. They are: Documents and Settings, Favorites, Printer (Documents and Settings) PC, My Computer, Print, Startup, Run (Desktop), Scripts, System Restore, Temp, Temporary Internet Files, Windows (Documents and Settings), etc. Hidden files and entries start with a dot, so for example, the above-mentioned entries will appear as: Documents and Settings.lnk, Favorites.lnk, Printer (Documents and Settings) PC.lnk, My Computer.lnk, Print.lnk, Startup.lnk, Run (Desktop).lnk, Scripts.lnk, System Restore.lnk, Temp.lnk, Temporary Internet Files.lnk, Windows (Documents and Settings).lnk. The program also shows a list of the known locations of your start-up, share and hidden files and folders. In addition, the program is able to block and delete any unknown shared file or folder from your hard disk. The interface of the program is minimalistic, as it does not offer you any text or non-graphical information. Basically, Competent Disk Master is an excellent utility that saves a5204a7ec7

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